Screaming with Laughter – Lunchtime Comedy Club

Screaming with Laughter – Lunchtime Comedy Club

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Sat 17 Mar 18 - Wed 20 Jun 18
Fees£9 / £7 (First 20 tickets available for £7)
VenuePoplar Union
Address2 Cotall Street, Poplar, London, , E14 6TL
Tel020 3039 3333

Making their East London debut, Screaming with Laughter will be bringing their hilarious and unique afternoon standup to Poplar Union! For new parents, a night out at one of London’s many comedy clubs might not be on the cards, so why not enjoy an afternoon show instead?! 

At Screaming with Laughter, parents can feel relaxed and are welcome to feed and change their babies without having to miss the punch line. Whether it’s pacing around with the baby, the need to whip out a boob or a bottle or maybe the little’uns are just having a bit of a scream – it’s all good! All the acts are experienced club performers, used to rowdy stag and hen night crowds at the weekend, so a bit of noise or the odd bare breast won’t phase them! 

So, come and enjoy all the best bits of a great night out and still be home by bath time! Expectant parents are also very welcome, as are family and friends. All the comedians will be performing their normal adult material. 

Pram park, soft play and changing area are available in the studio throughout the show.

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