Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol are back for summer 2018, swinging out on Bishops Square! These two hours are all about heading outdoors, getting together as a community, and dancing to our heart’s content.

Best of all it’s FREE! Everyone is welcome to join in, so bring along any interested friends and get involved.

Swing dancing encompasses a varied range of styles danced to big band swing music. The mother of Swing dances is the Lindy Hop, nicknamed the Jitterbug for its bouncy, infectious energy. This is the core dance taught by Swing Patrol, but they also incorporate other vintage dances from the Swing family such as Balboa, Charleston, Blues and Solo Jazz.

2018 Swing Patrol Dates

All events run from 6pm to 8pm

  • Thursday 5th July
  • Thursday 19th July
  • Wednesday 25th July
  • Wednesday 1st Aug
  • Thursday 9th Aug
  • Wednesday 15th Aug
  • Friday 24th Aug
  • Thursday 30th Aug

About Swing Patrol

Swing Patrol are a community of over 1,500 dancers, a passionate teaching team, four amazing troupes and a small but dedicated team of staff and volunteers. From hole-in-the-wall speakeasies to London’s great dance halls, we’ve built a massive collective energy and made great friendships along the way. We hope you come along and check us out soon.

In addition to the Spitalfields summer evening season Swing Patrol also run:

Over 40 weekly classes at 35 venues across London
The annual London Swing Festival
Four amazing performance troupes that perform and share the dance all over London

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