Sakti Sanctuary - Merusanctuary
Sakti Sanctuary - Merusanctuary

Akasa Sakti is a certified yoga teacher and holistic healer with over 30 years of experience. 

Studied in Poland, USA and India, where she learned from the source directly from the great masters alive on this earth…

Graduate and member of Academy Of Natural Therapies and gained title of Bio-energy therapist and Consultant of Natural Medicine again the techniques practiced since very childhood

As artist and vocalist combines colour, energy of shape with sound current for deeper healing results, maintaining physical strength and wellbeing….

Special emphasis on sound healing within yoga and wellbeing, she wrote dissortation on application of yoga within bio-energy therapy focusing on sound currents, frequencies  and qualities reacting on our nervous and energy system and how it affects physical and mental health….

Author and composer, she can design personal guided meditation , yoga trainig combined with treatments personally designed for your needs and condition….