The world is developing very much. Technology has a lot to offer for our future and Inventors Club was set up to teach young people about the great new world of tech. There is so much to learn and we are here to make the world of tech explode with fun. we have brought together a team of people, bringing different experiences and ideas to give young people bright new ideas of what tech is all about and all the different roles there are out there. 

So far Inventors Club has given young people the opportunity to discover technology in their everyday lives. We have already hosted two programmes and introduced skills that will stay with children as they grow. 
In the first programme, we showed how to use coding as simply as possible and how it can be applied to do day-to-day routines, like switching on a light. We used simple programmes to introduce how easy coding can be and how the only boundary to creativity is our imagination.

The second programme was based on VR and we were able to discover a whole new field of tech. As well as a teaching young people how to code a lot of questions were discussed about the future of tech and the concept of IoT was introduced. We used Stepney City Farm as the theme of the VR project so the club coders used 360 camera equipment to document their work. 

We believe there is so much more we could do.

Like our founder says, “Our aim is to provide kids with the best of opportunities that technology has to offer and help bring out the inventors in them. Local youngsters are not aware of the opportunities on their doorstep so we are hoping to deliver something exciting to Tower Hamlets, and create opportunities for the next generation, who want a career in the field of technology.”