Fitness Freedom

New & Exclusive fitness brand specialising in fitness packs.

Designed in London and inspired by our passion for fitness and travel, we have developed the ultimate portable gym. 

Want to stay fit when travelling? The Fitness Travel Pack has every vital accessory required for exercising on-the-go! No gym, no problem? With our fitness travel pack you have your own portable gym! We know that you don't always have time for a workout, and if you have a busy job or if you are often travelling the world, it can be even harder to fit the gym in. We all know the benefits that re-connecting with our bodies have on our mental health, so why not find a way to stay fit when travelling to get even more out of your trip? Our pack is suitable for on holiday, a hotel room workout or a home or garden workout! Features: 1) The Bag - Luxury custom design to make it wearable everyday. Durable high strength polyester bag with reinforced handles and metal zips. Detachable strap & metal zips. Inner and outer pockets for smaller items. L: 35cm H: 20cm W: 20cm 2) Suspension Trainer - High Strength Polyester straps with rubber logo. Rubber handles for maximum grip, door anchor - max 200kg. Mesh bag for easy packing 3) Skipping Rope - High quality kink resistant steel coated speed cable. Lightweight and durable with anti-slip handle and adjustable cable length. Ball Bearings within handles for smooth action. Adjustable 3m cable. 4) Resistance Band - Medium strength latex resistance band. 5) Exercise Mat - Compact exercise mat. Protect your knees, elbows and tailbone during floor workouts. All Black 80cm*30cm*4mm. 6) Push-up Bars - Increase your range of motion. Build stronger arms, chest & shoulders. Foam padded steel bars for quality and comfort The entire kit weighs just 2.5kg and is easy to fit in your hand luggage!