Couchman Bespoke

Couchman Bespoke, British ready-to-wear and bespoke contemporary menswear clothing. Clothing shouldn't cost the earth. Couchman Bespoke is dedicated to reduce the environmental and human impact and waste from the production of clothing made under its name. Resulting in quality British tailoring that is stylish and sustainable. Throughout clothing manufacture there is a lot of pollution created such as CO2 from factory machines and transportation in between suppliers, and chemical through colour/ print dyeing and finishes to cloth that end up in the air and water ways. Commitment Everything is always ongoing with reviews every quarter to ensure commitments are upheld and improved upon within Couchman Bespoke and its suppliers. History: Couchman Bespoke originated with bespoke clothes in 2012, made using your measurements to create personal basic pattern blocks, from which anything can be designed.

The clothing is inspired by our modern lifestyles and needs from clothing being worn day to night. My designs are focused on structured silhouettes with Japanese origami pattern making techniques. Founder My name is Claire, I have 4 years of a University degree in clothing design and tailoring, with 15 years of retail knowledge and 10+ years making clothes for myself, friends and family under my belt. With all this experience I feel confident in my ability to produce clothing you can wear season after season. I currently design, pattern make and manufacture make all the clothing on sale. Fashion is a great passion with strong interest in the environmental impact from the fashion industry. I wish to be a contributing factor in helping to reduce the impact and educate people about the issue, trading fairly within the supply chain.