A Very Nice Idea

Zero-waste, portion sized healthy meal kits that take less than 10 minutes of your time to prepare.
We’ve always hated waste – wasted food, resources, time, effort…life would be much simpler without waste. Take Joe as an example: He lived in a flat with limited kitchen cupboard space. When he moved home he took the opportunity to clear his cupboards of outdated food taking up valuable space. There was stuff in there that was over 10 years old! Seriously! He hung on to it for all those years thinking he would get around to using it one day, but that day never came. So in the bin it all went…food and packaging.  Sound familiar? That’s why we decided that something had to change. So we set up A Very Nice Idea to provide food in portion sizes so you don’t have to buy a whole packet of Allspice (and so many other ingredients) for one recipe like Joe did!
We really hope you enjoy making the meals using our meal kits and would love to know what you think.
Happy eating,
A Very Nice Idea x