Claire Strickland

Milliner. Hatter. Bonnetbeautician. Fedora Fancier. I go by many names. Mostly, though, people call me Claire Strickland, and ask me to make bespoke hats and headpieces for them.

My hats and headpieces have starred in theatres, films, operas and pantomimes.At public events and corporate promotions. I’ve even created personal, private commissions.

My speciality hat? I love any kind of challenge, but my eyes get especially bright when clients say things like ‘sculptural’, ‘outlandish’ and‘historical’ to me. Have a look at my Tudor French hoods and Moon headdress to see what I mean.

You’ll usually find me in my studio in London – beavering away on my (orother people’s) designs. But if you like my hats, it’s easy to keep intouch.