The Dou-Doods
The Dou-Doods were bornout of both mine and my daughters love for snuggling.

My first memories of being a small person were about my 'doudou'. I loved thisblankie more than anything in the world and insisted on dragging it around withme everywhere I went. I did everything with it. 

After a very long struggle of trying to conceive and retain a baby within me, Eevie was finally born. We were so grateful to have this perfect littlebabe in our lives, I wanted nothing more than to wrap her up in bubble wrap madeout of love and cuddles so nothing could ever harm her.

She had a 'doudou' from a early age as I felt so attached to the memories of mine. She absolutely loved it and took to it quickly as she loves anything soft and fuzzy. In fact the fuzzier the better in her world. 

Watching her grow and her mind develop I realised she needed a comforter that wasn't just a blanket but also a best friend. As like mine did, it goes everywhere with her on all her great adventures, so I felt it needed to be it'sown person. Something that goes from being an in animate flat snuggle blankie in babies first year to becoming a much loved best friend/adventurer in their toddler years.  

Being a little bit of a crafty mama, I decided to design and make something tosuit her creative nature, and thus the first Dou-Dood was born. He was called MrPink.

Now I could start creating my little gang of loveable cuddle buddies. Our little lady was ecstatic as now there were even more fuzzy little friends for her to snuggle at bedtime.